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Montance® LLC is a boutique cybersecurity consulting firm.

To expedite contracting and provide a clear price for services provided, the majority of offerings are fixed price.

For example, the SOC implementation timeline is a sliding-scale, very low cost (and very high value) offering. This is a complete summary of all of Christopher Crowley's thoughts on the design, build, and operation of a SOC.

If you have something else in mind, please read the section on custom solutions.

Fixed Price Program or Custom

Excercise Creation & Execution

Montance® LLC can recommend and execute an appropriate tabletop to assure organizational interaction with the SOC is where it needs to be. Or, plan and execute an assessment of SOC capability.

Evaluation of best fit tabletop for the client and agreement of appropriate exercise development program. This can be one day executive table top, or extensive training and assessment of defensive staff, possibly including red/purple team.

Montance® has extensive experience designing and delivering exercises for a multitude of audiences, including development of a single exercise spanning multiple technical levels.

Fixed Price Program

Implementation Project Plan

The Montance® timeline offering to guide SOC: design, build, and implementation.

Sliding scale priced program to deliver a comprehensive project plan with key deliverables and timeline for developing a SOC. Client responsible for implementation without additional consulting support. Pay what it's worth to you, after an initial small cost to receive it.

the Gantt Chart

Fixed Price Program

SOC Implementation Consultation

Fixed priced, scheduled advisory program to develop a SOC, it is based upon the Gantt chart, adding access to SME guidance on a milestone driven basis.

Using the SOC Gantt chart, the organization will establish the project, and Christopher Crowley will be the SME participating in this project. This option is intended to be a low cost option to provide consultation and guidance. Customization and deviation from established check-points and deliverables is not allowed under this arrangement.

Crowley will review deliverables and provide feedback and guidance.

If the Gantt chart itself isn't enough to guide you through the effort of building a SOC, but a large consultation engagement is not desirable or affordable, this is the best option for you.

Fixed Price Program

Maturity Assessment

Montance® LLC has developed a streamlined maturity assessment and recommendations method. If you think your SOC is good, but want to measure what good means, this is the option for you.

Montance® LLC is the North American partner for the SOC-CMM.

This solution is approximately four months in duration. It provides in depth assessment of the current status of your cybersecurity operations. The deliverables are detailed guidance for adjustment of metrics, operations, technology, staff, procedures, documentation, and anything else that is in scope for your SOC. Enable the capability you want to see in your SOC.


Custom Solution

Montance® LLC can deliver a solution that is exactly what you envision.

Prior to considering this option, please realize the minimum is 240 billable hours over 3-6 month duration to make this solution tenable for contracting. One year duration is more common, since it takes time to develop and implement change. If you are ready to embrace change in your SOC and would like an SME with global perspective and persistent drive, this is the option for you.

This is intended to be the most flexible option, and will provide consulting time to provide mentoring, advising, presentations, internal training program development, interim leadership and/or operational project deliverables. Work will be performed on-site or remotely, as determined by the project objectives and sensitivity.